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Créations Artisanales Céramiques en Raku et Porcelaine

colored porcelain beads

colored porcelain beads

Colored porcelain beads for creating original jewels


Porcelain. This clay is arrogant and proud. It can be beige, pinky white or bluish. When it is raw, it looks like a hard and hermetic material, but when we begin to knead it, to tap it, to suggest a form to it, porcelain gets softer, sometimes until it has the consistency of butter. What a temper!


When it is cooked, its aspect is stony white or bluish and translucent when it’s thin.

I’ve decided that I would explore this wonderful world this year.

So I resume: there are porcelains, more or less white, more or less translucent and more or less shapable. (And more or less expansive too)

The first point to me is to find the one that suits me. I would like to work white shapes but also color beads – a line of pastel colors would please me – and so I’d love to find the porcelain which could reveal the shades while keeping its fineness and its transparency. The tinkling it makes when the beads are clinking also matters.



There are my first tests of white shapes and colors on petal shaped beads. The colors are pastel and smooth to look at.

But there is also: