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Créations Artisanales Céramiques en Raku et Porcelaine


Ceramic creations

The claySculpture en terre cuite, ceramique raku, femme


For my ceramic creations, I use earthenware “chamottée” for figure modeling. Its colour is grey and dark when modeled, and it gets lighter during the drying.
The first firing in the electric kiln goes up to 1830° F. At this step, the sculptures are called  bisque ware  and are white.

Then comes the glazing, done with a brush or by dipping, with wax retention or not.
It is the time for the second firing, the enamel firing which is done in a wood kiln or a gas kiln at 1670° F.


Figures and expressions


Right fom the beginning, in my job, I was tempted to search for expressions. Everything is important: attitude, a look, the position of an arm. The clay is wonderful for this kind of exercise. The question is always … “I want to emphasize what? What do I mean?”

For 2 years I took classes with live models modèle vivant, which helped me in my approach. I must admit that what was rather tedious at the start is now quite fun. I acquired this knowledge over the years, observing and doing hundreds of sculptures, big and small.

modelage en terre cuite, jeune fille rêveuse, création céramiqueWhere to find these sculptures ?

All these workshop creations are visible at 36 Quai des arts in Niort, during the exhibitions in which I participate, and of course, at the workshop!