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Créations Artisanales Céramiques en Raku et Porcelaine

Beads and buttons

Beads and buttons

This is the story of a handcrafted creation of jewelry, beads and buttons.

Ceramic buttons

This adventure began about fifteen years ago, I had become accustomed during my research of enamels to make samples on which I was doing my tests. To find a colour or a formula, it sometimes takes thirty samples to develop the colours and materials desired. The tests piled up in boxes and on shelves, but once the colour found, were no longer useful. I thought that was a pity; sometimes, even if the colour was not the one I wanted, it was beautiful.

I started to make ceramic buttons, it is an object that I particularly like for its simplicity and the originality it brings to a garment.

Their story goes back to the dawn of time and keeps track of vanished civilizations.

My mother is a knitter and dressmaker, she gave me, I believe, this sensibility.

Of course, after a while, it was buttons that settled on the shelves, buttons of ceramic, porcelain, raku, big and small and I then decided to market them. From one discovery to another, I really set to work, it was no longer trials but true ceramic pieces with a search for form, texture and color. What an exciting adventure !

Beads and buttons are on sale at the workshop, and 36 quai des Arts at Niort and on my online store : HERE !





Raku beads


Then came the  raku  beads creation. Round, at first, classic and generous then I settled (and sometimes got lost) in the search for forms and volumes, it’s infinite! I use enamel bases that I make, and for color, metal oxides and ceramic dyes.




Porcelain beads

Recently, I started a production of porcelain beads, finely-worked for the study of the translucent side of this material. This production is for emotions.


white porcelain beads