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Créations Artisanales Céramiques en Raku et Porcelaine

Workshop pottery presentation

ceramic workshop in france

My pottery workshop is an artisanal place of creation,

It’s a bit like an alchemy workshop where I have been experimenting for 25 years on clays and enamels.

Sculptures with human figures or vegetal forms, stoneware bowls, raku beads porcelain buttons, here, a ceramic world mixes in an atmosphere bathed in light.

I draw my inspiration from the nature that surrounds me, the ceramics of the world during my travels and the discoveries that occur during my experiences.

The world of ceramics is a whole world unto itself. Clay matter throughout the world is infinite; combined with as much imagination … So as humans we classify …

There are 3 great families of clay: Sandstone, Porcelain and Earthenware. I use sandstone for utility, Porcelain for research and for fun, Earthenware for modeling, lines and shapes. The buttons and beads, initially simple tests for searching for enamels, have become over time a real collection.

I am Ceramic potter.

Tables de travail, intèrieur d'atelier

Friends of the world,

welcome to my workshop !